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Pivotal Decisions for the future Bloomfield Hills High School

Bloomfield Hills High School opens in the fall of 2013.  Whether it exists in one up-to-date building or two old buildings will be determined by our community in one final bond vote.  

The details of this bond proposal will be determined by the Board of Education at the Thursday, February 16 Board of Education meeting.

At Thursday's meeting, Superintendent Rob Glass will make recommendations for:

  • The building option to be put before voters. The base option consolidates up to 1800 students on the Andover site, with a functional 36% renovated, 64% new building. At additional cost, either improved academic spaces or expanded athletic facilities may be included.
  • When the bond vote should be held: In a special election May 3, or on the general election ballot in November.
  • How much cash on hand the District should apply to the project, reducing the bond amount.

Mr. Glass has held a series of Town Hall meetings that concisely explain the various options and gather community input.  The last of these meetings will be held at 7pm on Wednesday at Eastover.  If you missed the meetings, both video and slides from the presentation are available online.

The Board of Education meeting will be held:

Please come to show your support for the district, offer your input through public comment, and most importantly, support our community effort to find common ground and move forward.