BB Dems Endorsement Policy

From our bylaws:


  • 1. As a general rule BB Dems will not endorse in contested Democratic primary races. Any exception will be only for good reason, under special circumstances and would take a vote of both the committee and the membership.
  • 2. Notice of the endorsement process and these rules will be posted in a timely manner on the BB Dems website and publicly announced at regular meetings and included as discussion items in the month's published agendas.
  • 3. Candidates will be given an in-person screening in races where ENDORSEMENTS are considered, if they request. A candidate must request the endorsement in writing to eventually receive one. An exception, made only by a separate motion and vote, of the committee and membership, can be a blanket endorsement of incumbents who do not have a primary challenge.
  • 4. The endorsement committee will include BB Dems Executive Committee officers.
  • 5. All endorsements and recommendations will be ratified by the general membership.

Addendum: The deadline for formally requesting an endorsement is at least 45 days prior to either the Primary or General Election date in order to give the Executive Committee time to interview the candidate, consider whether to recommend an endorsement and for the general membership to ratify the endorsement.