Learn About the Birmingham Bloomfield Area Democratic Club

The Birmingham Bloomfield Area Democratic Club is a nonprofit organization acting as the official body of the Michigan Democratic Party in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Bingham Farms, Beverly Hills and Franklin Village.

Meetings and membership are open to anyone who supports advancing Democratic Party values, but voting membership is generally limited to dues-paying residents of these six communities. Suggested donation for membership is $15 per year. 

In-Person meetings are usually held at the Bloomfield Township Hall, 4200 Telegraph Road.

The BBA Dems Board of Officers include the Chair, Vice-Chair, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and two Trustees. Board elections are held annually, generally in January:

  • Chair: Presides over meetings and has other such duties as are usual to the office of Chairperson.
  • Vice-Chair: Assists the Chair in the discharge of their duties; temporarily assumes responsibilities of the Chair in their absence.
  • Treasurer: Keeps financial receipts and disbursements; handles the bank account & makes financial reports to the BB Dems. 
  • Recording Secretary: Keeps & perserves the books, documents, correspondence, records, effects & other BB Dems property.
  • Corresponding Secretary: Gives proper notifications of all meetings as well as of other events relevant to the BB Dems via email, website & social media.
  • Trustees: Ensure the other Officers comply with these Bylaws and generally that the BB Dems’ operations are ongoing as normal.

Meetings generally follow this agenda:

  • Call to Order/Roll Call
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of previous meeting Minutes
  • Officer Reports
  • Committee Reports
  • Old Business
  • New Business (including Guest Speakers)
  • Good & Welfare
  • Adjournment

2023 BBA Dems Executive Board:

  • Chair: Deborah Rosenman
  • Vice-Chair: Emery Pence
  • Treasurer: Libby Dzurka
  • Recording Secretary: Corinne Shoop
  • Corresponding Secretary: Dave Goodman
  • Trustee: Juergen Wiesenberger
  • Trustee: Nessa Feller

Welcome to the newly elected Oakland County Democratic Party Executive Committee Members representing our club:

  • Corinne Shoop
  • Debbie Rosenman
  • Rakesh Ramakrishnan
  • Nessa Feller
  • Richard Grinstein
  • Matthew Kent
  • Larry Lipton
  • Ralph Plumley
  • Juergen Wiesenberger