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Kevin Hrit Meets With the Birmingham Bloomfield Dems

Kevin Hrit, Political Organizing Director for the Michigan Democratic Party, met with the Birmingham Dems on November 9th for an informative discussion.

Kevin shared his goals to develop a program that focuses on "Community." People invest in such things as schools, public safety, libraries, and the infrastructure to define "Community." People support the "Community" by overwhelmingly voting for millage proposals. Promoting "Community" increases jobs and improves the economy.

Kevin stressed the need to win back the State House. We need to win nine out of seventeen house districts. These districts will be targeted by a joint legislative committee of House and Senate Democratic caucuses and party supporters who are united in defeating Republicans. Support such as campaign manuals and literature have been provided to local candidates running for such offices as commissioners and school board.

Kevin emphasized how critical it will be to win back the control of the Supreme Court. The focus will be to replace Zahra and Markman with Democrats and retain a Democratic seat with the retirement of Kelly. Winning these three seats will end the decisions that favor the insurance companies and corporations. Kevin also promoted the need to reelect President Obama and Debbie Stabenow.

Promoting the "community" and the Jobs Act go hand-in-hand and is the frame for this election.