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Nov.12: Michigan Democratic Party Fall Issues Convention

On Saturday, November 12, members of the Michigan Democratic Party will come together this fall to discuss our common values, our vision for change, and our ideas for securing a brighter future for every Michigan resident.

The MDP’s Fall Issues Convention will be a statewide conversation among Democrats to discuss our shared Vision and Values for our state and look for ways to Engage Michigan in achieving policy Victories. The day will be divided into three sessions. The first will invite you to share your Values and answer the question: Why are you a Democrat? The second will focus on spotlighting policy solutions that can help us realize our common Vision for Michigan. The third segment is about how we can work together to engage our fellow citizens in achieving policy Victories in our state.

  • The Lansing Center
  • 333 East Michigan Avenue
  • Lansing, MI 48933

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Located at the corner of North Cedar and East Michigan in downtown Lansing.

Why? Because we care about our family, friends, neighbors, and indeed, our whole state. We have too much to lose not to start fighting for Michigan. You will take center stage to share your vision for our state and to work collaboratively toward policy solutions that reflect the shared values that bring us together as Democrats.

Our conversation begins at 9:00 a.m. and will continue through 6:00p.m. Together we will gather, discuss, and collectively determine the steps we’ll take to create a better future for Michigan.

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